Advantages of Hiring a Freelance Graphic Designer over a Creative Agency

“Money is the wrong lens to look through, you can always find the right agency or the right designer for the right price. The key is to find work that matches your vision for the brand. If you’re worried about budget, then start backward, and identify those key deliverables.”


As a businessperson money is often the primary consideration, but process, quality, and value are the key elements to consider when deciding wether to work with a freelance graphic designer vs creative agency or an in-house designer.

Creating quality design systems with a strong foundation in brand’s strategy has little to with money. Good designers can be found in freelance graphic designer or in a creative agency or as an in-house designer – the most important consideration is whether the graphic designer is right for your brand.


“the most important consideration is whether the graphic designer is right for your brand.”


The key difference between a freelance graphic designer vs a creative agency vs an in-house designer is different process. Process and procedure and quality are often overlooked but these elements are game changers, smoothing every iteration of a creative project throughout its development and making the difference between a stand out design (and ultimately providing a professional and refined image for your business) or a mediocre result.

Whether you’re the CEO of a large company, a mid-level business owner, or an entrepreneur just starting out, time is money, and process saves time. And a quality end result will save you time and money over the long term.

Important Factors to consider when hiring a graphic designer


  • Value/Quality provided
  • The Process
  • The Cost



Quality of designs you receive from a freelance graphic designer, creative agency or an-house design will vary considerably and the size of the business does not correlate to higher quality work. Assuming one is better than the next is risky rather have a look at the freelance graphic designer and the agencies portfolio to confirm the quality of the work. In the graphic design world, the size of the business has no correlation to the quality of the work delivered. Some large design firms have horrible portfolios.


“A good portfolio is often a great way to determine work quality, but bare in mind the size of the businesses does not determine the quality of the portfolio”


The nature of the designer or the organization is strongly linked to the quality of work you will receive. A good quality freelance graphic designer can deliver a high end result at a lower cost than a large company or organization.


“Consider the nature of the individual or the organisation when choosing a graphic designer”.


The assumption is that agencies deliver higher quality work than freelancers but this is often a misconception. Agencies have large teams of designers and may have  diverse portfolio’s but a freelance graphic designer is often very good at their specialised service areas and the end result is what matters not the size of the agency.


Factors to consider in determining the value of the designer

  • Portfolio
  • Nature of the individual or the agency





Advantage of a freelance graphic designer

When you work with a freelance graphic designer you have direct contact with the person who is working on your project. This can make for ease of communication at your are working with one person that you forge a working relationship with and not you are dealing with one  several departments. Easy communication results in a lot less hassle for the client

In the early stages of vetting a freelance graphic designer pay attention to how responsive the designer is to phone calls and emails. Is the designer friendly, efficient, helpful, enthusiastic – these factors are all key to building a healthy and hassle free working relationship throughout your design project.



Advantage of a freelance graphic designer

Often when dealing with a large agency the smallest changes can take a long time to be completed while a freelance graphic designer can make quick decisions and produce work faster than an agency.

A freelance graphic designer sets their own hours too so changes can happen after hours and they may be willing to work overtime until the project is complete. Also any design revisions can be made a lot quicker as only one person is involved in the happen co-ordinating. Key is to treat your freelance graphic designer with appreciation and she may go the extra mile for your business.



Advantage of a freelance graphic designer

When one person works on your brand it is often easier to keep the tone and design consistent. Also if you build a good working relationship with your freelance graphic designer they will deliver consistent work over long periods of time.

There is no risk of your project being passed on to another designer within an agency who does not understand your brand vision.



Advantage of a freelance graphic designer

As most freelance graphic designers work from a home office they have lower overheads and this results in savings for the client. When you hire a freelance graphic designer you are paying only for the services they deliver not for the company office, paid vacations or sick leave.



Now that you can see some of the advantages of working with a freelance graphic designer, what type of projects are good for freelancers. Generally a solo designer or small studio of freelancers is good for small business’s, medium businesses, startup’s, re-curring small projects, once off projects.





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