Tasha’s Design is a design studio founded and run by  location independent designer Natasha.  I specialise in Brand Design and Packaging Design  for small to medium businesses.  My clients are often artisan, specialist or gourmet businesses.  Like you, I  care about the finer details, the importance of craftsmanship, the time, skills, quality and thought that goes into the independent brand.  I also understand that small to medium business owners are completely different to larger businesses or corporate companies and the importance in creating a quality brand. 

Startups or companies with strong missions are often what motivates me and I enjoy working with brands who are making a difference, adding value and bringing positive change to the world.

Together with forging a new path your brand is passionate about quality, craftsmanship and great design. Like you these values are central to my design and I will bring these values to our work together.

 My projects cover Brand Naming, Brand Research,  Logo & Identity, Website Design, Packaging and Print. Whether you are a start-up or an established business, my carefully considered design work will lift your brand above the competition.

For the most part I work solo, but if your project requires extra hands I have a network of reliable talented people I can call on. I create design for entrepreneurs and businesses  and as a graphic designer I have many skills  and I pride myself on being a versatile designer, but I specialise in two areas. 

logo design and brand identity (websites and digital included)

label and packaging design

My skill is getting clear on what your vision is for your brand and crafting a design with one strong emotive message.

“You can find countless varieties of chocolate candy and chocolate bars just about everywhere. However, there’s a world of difference between regular or mass produced chocolate candy and chocolate made by artists. The latter, often referred to as fine chocolate, goes through a long and painstaking process that is made worthwhile by the piercingly rich flavor you get with your first bite of the best high end chocolates.” Mark Stuart

Together with you, I will conceptualize a design that incorporates  big-picture thinking, strong ideas and powerful design to shape your logo & brand identity, and/or packaging design.

By aligning with your personal and brand values I create design solutions to get your business to the next step, attract your dream clients and create more profit for your business. I have a passion for creating meaningful and successful design solutions for you.

I want your investment in good design to start having immediate impact, and I believe I can help make your organisation more recognisable, desirable, and admired. I value each client I work with and as a smaller studio I am able to work very closely with my clients. Personal service that gets to the heart of your brand values is key.


I am currently based in the beautiful city of Cape Town, South Africa. Perhaps it is because of the beauty we are surrounded by, but Cape Town was voted Design Capital of the World 2014. I definitely feel inspired as a designer by the city’s beauty.

My dream is to be able to work from various beautiful locations in the world, as I feel  that my design and education can only benefit from exposure to other locations and cultures. Not sure if I  could be a nomad though, as I really love having a home base,

I am educated in Graphic Design, Creative writing and have a Bachelor Degree in both Psychology and Philosophy from the University of Cape Town. While I have 8 years experience as a designer, design is a skill that one never ceases to develop. Perhaps this is one of the reasons for my passion for design. Each new project presents a new creative challenge and it is my personal mission to always create design that my clients love and that elevates their business goals.


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